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MBBS Abroad

Russia is one of the most sought-after destination for low cost MBBS studies in the world. More than 65000 students from across the world are currently pursuing different degrees in medicine from universities in Russia. Russia is also quite popular for MBBS amongst Indian students.

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia surrounded by Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan and Afghanistan. Tashkent is the capital of the country and is ranked 42nd in terms of population. MBBS in Uzbekistan is a great choice for many Indians and an international student. 

MBBS in Kazakhstan is a well-known and in-demand course for students. The MBBS course in Kazakhstan is for five-Six years (varies university to university) and Students will be awarded MBBS degree only when they pass their final exam without getting any backlogs in college. 

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a five-year study which is to become a reputed doctor. The course is not easy for every candidate as they have to go through many entrance examinations and counseling sessions, if they pass all these then they can take admission to complete studies in Medicine.

Medical Universities of Georgia is the best option for any student who wants to pursue their MBBS in abroad. As we all know Georgia has successfully achieved 100% literacy rate & is considered as one of the best places to study medicine in the world.

MBBS in Nepal offers the best opportunity for the Indian students who aspires a career in medical. Apart from being a neighboring country, it has amicable relations with India. The quality of education is strong and compact syllabus covers the complete syllabus.

Bangladesh has emerged as one of the hot destination for low cost MBBS for Indian students as the country has over 25 public universities and more than 50 private universities offering course in medicine. The Students need to clear the eligibility criteria of Govt. of Bangladesh. 

Poland has become a popular destination for many young students who aspires to be a MBBS Doctor. In the last five years, more than eight thousand students have taken admission there. The quality of education and low tuition fees attracts the candidates to pursue MBBS in Poland.

More than 10,000 foreign students come to the Philippines to Pursue their MBBS. In past few years the percentage of Indian students in the Philippines Medical Universities has rapidly increased due to the high passing percentage in MCI (Medical Council of India) Screening Test.

Italy is one of the most popular MBBS destinations. Medical colleges in Italy are all approved by MCI and provide high quality education which is comparable to schools in India, UK and USA. UNESCO has recognized taly as the 12th highest ranked study abroad destination in the world.